Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries

Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries

Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries? Even though the Harley-Davidson motorcycle is a high-end motorcycle, it cannot function properly without a battery. A battery is responsible for starting your motorcycle’s engine and turning on the lights, among other functions.

If you have a Harley, you need a quality battery to be able to enjoy it without worry. That’s why we’ve compiled information on the best battery for Harley Davidson on the market to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

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What kind of Battery does Harley Davidson use?

Yuasa GYZ32HL: The Yuasa brand is a trusted name in motorbike batteries. This particular Yuasa GYZ32HL is ideal for large Harley engines and touring bikes such as the Road King, Ultra Classic, and Street Glide. The Yuasa GYZ32HL is rated for 500 cold-cranking amps.

Harley Battery Types | Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries

Absorbed Glass Carpet Battery

An Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery is one of several types of lead-acid batteries on the market. This is a sealed battery that’s maintenance-free and spill proof.

They also have better resistance to vibrations than traditional batteries because the liquid inside is more stable, thanks to the fiberglass mats and the consistency of a gel.

Best Lithium Battery for Harley Davidson | Lithium-Ion Battery 

Lithium batteries tend to be more expensive, but the investment can be worth it. They have a much longer lifespan, and you can also find rechargeable versions.

If weight is of concern to you, then lithium is ideal because they are noticeably lighter and smaller than other options. Harley does not use lithium-ion batteries for OEM applications, but other motorcycle companies do, such as Ducati.

Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries

Flooded Lead Acid Battery

This is the most traditional type of battery. They must be treated with care because they can leak battery acid and require regular maintenance.

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As the battery discharges, a chemical reaction occurs, and water is expelled. This means that you will need to refill the battery with water regularly to ensure proper charging and operation.

Best Brands | Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries

Gs Yuasa

Founded in 2004, Yuasa is the market leader in the production of lead-acid batteries for automobiles and motorcycles. Based in Japan, its batteries are sold worldwide,

and used as a replacement battery when the original battery runs out. Try the Yuasa YUAM72Z14 lead acid battery on your motorcycle.


Despite being founded only a few years ago, ThrottleX batteries are quickly making a name for themselves. The founders formed their own battery company in hopes of filling the gaps in the motorcycle and ATV battery market.

The company focuses on tailoring batteries to suit your driving style and budget. Try the ThrottleX AGM Power Sport battery and understand the dissimilarity for yourself.

Chrome Battery

For more than 25 years, the Chrome Battery team has focused on creating a high-quality shopping experience to consistently exceed their customers’ expectations.

Located in Carmel, Indiana, the company distributes its batteries in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Guam. Try the iGel YTX12-BS battery.

Harley Battery Prices

Under $ 100: These are affordable batteries, but you have to be careful. Some batteries in this price range are very good, while others lack quality. Stick with big-name brands with a history of quality.

$ 100 to $ 150 – Most decent quality batteries are in this range. They will have recent manufacturing dates and high-quality materials used for production. The exact price will depend upon the brand, size, and power.

$ 150 to $ 300: Batteries in this range tend to be OEM batteries. They’ll or might not be of top quality when it involves the materials used. They should have a recent manufacturing date, but you still need to verify. For the most part, you pay for the brand of the motorcycle manufacturer.

Key Features | Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries

Engine Compatibility

The bigger and more powerful your Harley engine, the bigger and more powerful your battery should be. So the best battery for Harley Davidson touring models will be bigger.

This is able to include the Electra Glide, Road Glide, Road King, Ultra Classic, and Street Glide. Smaller bikes like the Street 500 or 750 will not need as much starting power.

Date of Expiry

Batteries are only good for a while and have expiration dates that let you know their expected life. If you find a drum kit that sounds too good, the expiration date is probably soon or has already expired. It is better to look for a battery that is not older than 6 months.


You will probably want your replacement battery to be a 12-volt battery. This is the standard voltage for full size motorcycles. Bikes on the smaller end of the spectrum can get away with a 6-volt battery.

If you’re not sure what voltage you need, look at your current battery, and it will tell you. Employing a battery with the incorrect voltage will cause your operating systems to malfunction.

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Other Considerations

Cold-cranking amps. This is the amount of amps that the battery can deliver without problems when the temperature drops. What it means to you is the amount of power the battery can reliably deliver when you start the engine.

If the battery can’t produce enough cold-cranking amps, then you will not be ready to start your bike.

Harley Davidson battery size chart, because motorcycles contain a large number of mechanical elements in a small space, there is often a very specific space for the battery.

Just because you’ve found one with the right amount of power doesn’t mean it will fit your bike. You need to know the dimensions of the battery compartment to make sure the chosen battery will fit.

Service life and durability. Consider the type of driving you to do and the climate you live in when looking at battery life. If you live in a warmer climate or tend to take short trips, then you will want to choose a battery with a longer life.

Small journeys don’t give the alternator sufficient time to recharge the battery. High temperatures tend to discharge a battery faster than colder temperatures. You can extend the life of the battery by connecting it to a battery charger when not in use.

Benefits of a Harley Battery

Reliability. When you have a high-quality battery in your bike, you can trust that it will perform as expected. This means that your bike will start when you put the key in and press the button.

Greater power. Having the right battery on your bike means you have plenty of power not only to start and run your bike, but also to power other bike accessories and your personal tech.

Save money. A high-quality battery will last for several years. This will save you money by not having to replace the battery as often. It will also protect your other electronic devices from malfunction due to improper power supply.

Recommendations | Who Makes Best Harley Davidson Batteries

Throttlex HDX30L Motorcycle Replacement Battery

This battery is designed and manufactured in the USA. It comes to you fully charged and ready to go. It’s 28 Ah and a CCA of 400. This may ensure it’s enough to power to start out your Harley, even in weather.

The battery is sealed, so you never have to worry about accidental spills or maintenance. You will see that the power cut and performance are equal to your original factory Harley battery.

However, this battery is heavy and not the best option if you are concerned about adding weight to your bike. You may also find that the longevity is not that impressive; it will require replacement sooner than you would like.

Chrome Replacement Motorcycle Battery YTX7A-BS

This is an affordable yet high-quality battery. It is sealed and uses AGM technology to power your motorcycle. The battery comes fully charged and prepared to use.

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There is a patented sealed post design that prevents corrosion and prolongs the overall life of the battery. There is a digital display to simplify monitoring of battery status and power output.

This battery does not hold a charge for long, so you will need to make a separate purchase of a battery charger to keep your battery fully charged and ready to go. There is also the risk of the sealed system leaking battery acid while in transit.

Deka Battery for Harley Davidson | Deka Sports Power ETX-30L 

This 12-volt battery has a capacity of 26 Ah and a CCA of 400. This is enough to power your Harley and allow it to start efficiently. It has an AGM design and is completely sealed. It is spill-proof and maintenance-free.

Extra screws and brass spacers are included with the battery. This will help you with the side mount cable installation. The terminals are strategically located to be versatile and used on a wide variety of Deka motorcycle batteries.

This battery strives for a long life. He also struggles to hold the charge. This will lead to you constantly having it on a battery to keep it charged enough to be useful.

Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries

Tips | Who Makes Best Harley Davidson Batteries

Batteries do not have a universal fit. You need to make sure it is the correct size to fit in the battery compartment of your bike.

The weather where you reside should determine the sort of battery you’ll buy. There are some batteries better suited for hot climates, while others are better suited for cold climates. There are also batteries for all weather conditions.

If a battery remains without a charge for a long time, it can become completely discharged and become unusable. Make sure to keep the battery charged.

Frequent Questions | Who Makes Best Harley Davidson Batteries

Q: Why does my battery still dead?

A: This can be attributed to many factors. One is high mileage. Another is the number of accessories that power your battery. After ruling out accessories and mileage, check for bad connections. As a last resort, you may need to upgrade to a better battery.

Q: What is the life of a Harley battery?

A: The durability of the battery depends on its construction and maintenance technology. A properly built and the well-maintained battery should work for about five years.

Q: How can I extend the life of my motorcycle battery?

A: The first thing to do is make sure you buy the right battery for your bike. Then make sure it always stays charged. A full charge is recommended every 30 days. Finally, make sure to perform proper maintenance on time.

Final Thoughts | Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries

We recommend the THROTTLEX HDX30L Motorcycle Replacement Battery as the best choice in this category. It is spillproof and efficient in all weather conditions.

For an affordable Harley battery, the YTX7A-BS Chrome Replacement Motorcycle Battery is our top choice. Although inexpensive, the battery is efficient and has a variety of applications.

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