Travel Guide Useful Tips |Travel Information 2022

Travel Guide essential required for any long drives or road trips. Here are few long drives that I have experienced to travel Pakistan in Jan 2022 where I went from Islamabad the capital of Pakistan to Murree 68 km northeast of Pakistan.

Murree mountains fully covered with green and tall trees and in winter continuous snowfall roofing the whole valley like a white blanket.

Another trip that was 442 km from Murree to Lahore, took about a half-day to reach there and involved roughly 6 hours of drive time. I, travel guide 2022 want to share my experience in this post,

I will give you some of my tips for going on long drives like this, which will help you to stay safe and have a more comfortable journey.

Travel Guide Useful Tips |Travel Information 2022

Why is the travel guide important?

A travel guide is important to plan your trips correctly without surprises about the new place. They are necessary because they help organize, manage and plan the entire trip so that you can focus on enjoying the destination and leave everything else to them.

Travel Guide Useful Tips |Travel Information 2022
Travel Guide

What You Need to Pack | Travel Guide Useful Tips

Here are a few things that you should remember to pack before you go on your long drive using Travel Guide 2022.

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Travel Pillow


In Travel Guide 2022 the first thing is the pillow which is the most important when you go on a long drive. If you think travel pillows are pointless, maybe it is simply because you did not find proper one yet.

The MLVOC Travel Pillow features a curved design that supports your neck and prevents your head from falling if you fall asleep. It comes with an eye fixed mask, earplugs, and a Waterproof (washable cover).

Pack Bottled water | Travel Guide Useful Tips


Crystal Geyser Natural Alpine Spring water using the purest water available with Great Value Purified Drinking Water. The purification process for purified water eliminates contaminants and chemicals even as leaving the minerals wished for health and flavor.

Whether you are ingesting it or using it for fitness care or food preparation, you are assured that is natural water.

Eye Mask


Travel Adapter


Odoga Travel Adapter is formed from Quality plastic and features a multi-functional design with global capability. It is used with electronics up to 25w. The device detects the inbound voltage and converts it to 110v to power a USB port.

This one has two modes: adapter and converter, controlled by a little turn on the side of the device.

Travel Wallet


Travel Wallet RFID Blocking wallet is formed with tough rip-stop nylon that protects your valuables from rain and moistures. The zipper itself, which is formed with sturdy zinc alloy, is fully waterproof.

Inside, you may find credit card slots, a coins sleeve, a cash sleeve, a pen slot, and a passport pouch. The versatile wallet features a removable strap and comes in 12 color choices.

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Noise Protection Headphones |Travel Guide


WH-CH700N Wireless headphones are at that midway point in the season for long listening, where all the big hitters have shown their hand and the table is beginning to take shape.

As it stands, Sony is on top. It makes our favorite wireless ear-buds and its flagship on-ears are our current Product of the Year, so the arrival of the WH-CH700N.

travel guide and useful tips
Travel Guide

You need to plan beforehand for your road trip and we are not just talking about packing. When you are planning a road trip you must remember road and travel safety advisories, follow the travel guide for the road trip tips so you will reach your destination safely and comfortably for this you should follow travel guide 2022.

We Update the guide for yourself and recommend the best things which are an essential part of your successful long journey and a joyful trip.

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