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Narrow Width Truck Tool Boxes:    Before going to the main discussion of narrow width truck tool boxes it would be a good idea to have some concept about a tool box. Have you ever seen a tool box where different types of tools and extras are kept together, and you can easily carry it all over the place?

A truck toolbox is the same thing, as the box is placed at the back of a truck that is the reason it is known as a truck tool box. There are different kinds and shapes of the truck tool box.

If you have a truck, you are a man enough to fix your problems. It is sure that you need tools to deal with those problems. To keep those tools in the best shape, you need the best truck tool box in the market.

Now, there is a baffling amount of products that you can choose from. So, how will you find the best truck tool box that matches your needs?

Do truck tool boxes fit all trucks?

Toolboxes generally come in semi-custom sizes. This allows the body to fit a variety of trucks within the same truck class.

Why Should You Buy Truck Tool Boxes?

If you are the handyman of your neighborhood then this question should not arise in your mind. You should know the hassle that it saves you from. Though, if you are looking for reasons, there are a lot of them.

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The first reason is safety. You cannot leave your tools open in your truck bed. They will surely be stolen. The second reason is moistness. Moisture and water will basis quick rusting of your tools.

Then, handiness is a big reason for buying tool boxes. It keeps your tools accumulated.

There are a number of other reasons like this. So, I hope you now realize why a truck tool box is so necessary.

The Perfect Narrow Width Truck Tool Boxes

If you are looking for a narrow width tool box for your short-bed pickup truck or just need to have as much of your bed space available for cargo as possible. The Dee Zee special narrow width tool boxes one of the narrow width truck tool boxes that is a great solution.

We build some strong tool boxes, and this one is no exception. This is constructed of long-lasting Brite-Tread Aluminum with internal bends, single-piece front, back and bottom, and a Crowned Lid with full length hidden hinges for additional strength and durability.

The operation is smooth and effortless with lockable paddle handles that retain peoples away from your toolbox, adjustable strikers, and dampened gas shocks to validate flat lid movement. A closed-cell foam gasket protects against the elements and preserves the Mother Nature in the tool boxes.

1. Dee Zee Special Narrow Width Truck Tool Boxes

This is ultimate for today’s short bed crew cab or any truck that does not want to lose treasured truck bed space as the narrow width truck tool boxes exist.

Dee Zee Special Narrow Width Truck Tool Boxes


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This is a narrow width profile to save space in the Truck Bed With the lockable stainless steel paddle handle snecks and inner Bends add superior body strength.

A closed-cell foam gasket helps resist the elements from getting inside the box. The crowned lid with full length hidden hinges and front, back, and bottom are carved from a single piece of Aluminum, made in the USA.

Some More Features

  • This is Built of durable Brite-Tread Aluminum
  • The Lockable stainless steel paddle handles
  • Dampened gas shocks
  • The Protective Black Powder Coat Finish
  • A Closed-cell foam gasket
  • The self-adjusting strikers
  • The J-Bolt mounting hardware included
  • This is Non-Rusting Brite-Tread Aluminum
  • The dampened gas shocks open at a steady and at a controlled rate

2. Deflecta Shield Challenger

The Deflecta low profile narrow width tool box provides you rugged tool storage without taking up considerable of your truck bed.

Deflecta Shield Challenger


  • The diamond-tread Aluminum creation – no rusting, pitting or peeling
  • Its low-profile is designed for 50% more visibility than standard-size tool boxes
  • The Foam-injected lid is rigid and muffles noise
  • A built-in screwdriver holder
  • The Lid equipped with twin gas struts for smooth, easy opening and dual locking stainless steel latches
  • The mounting hardware included and no-drill installation for most trucks
  • Choose a Bright or Black finish

Store your tools in a rugged, secure toolbox without sacrificing precious bed space. The Deflectanarrow width low profile tool box takes up little room in your truck bed whereas providing a safe place to keep your tools.

Its low-profile design also gives you 50% more rear window visibility compared to conventional truck toolbox designs.

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Deflecta narrow width truck tool boxes are manufactured from heavy-duty diamond plate Aluminum with a tough 3-piece design. The lid is permeated with foam for extra strength and to stifle noise coming from inside the toolbox.

Gas struts made opening the box easy in any season, and the Deflecta-Shield Challenger’s stainless handles can be locked up for security and peace of mind.

Preserve your bed space and keep your tools safe and locked by using the Deflecta narrow width low profile truck tool boxes.

Caution: Measure your truck bed before ordering. Pick your toolbox based on the size from the wheel well to the back of the cab, the height of your side-walls, and the space between side-rails.

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