Best 8 Tips | How to Store a Tent | Tent Storage

How to Store a Tent | Tent Storage: Returning home from an enormous adventure, it is often tempting to drop your gear and not affect it for a short time. By taking the time to properly unpack and store a tent or other items will help ensure you get years of faithful service from your equipment.

This is very true for your tent – improper Tent Storage can quickly cause mold growth and material decay. To help prevent problems like these, simply follow two key steps for your Tent Storage.

Best 8 Tips | How to Store a Tent | Tent Storage
Tent Storage

Make sure your tent is completely dry. Store loosely in a cool, dry place. Tent Storage is incredibly important to maintaining the good condition of a tent. To clean a tent is equally important, so read on and learn, How to Store a Tent.

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What is the best way to store a tent?

We recommend storing tents out of stuff sacks, either loosely rolled or hung in a cool, dry place, away from UV light. Your mats and sleeping bags don’t like anything more than hanging vertically. This prevents the insulation from tangling or clumping, reducing its ability to trap heat.

8 Tips for Tent Storage | How to Store a Tent

I think we always had a tent, we just never knew where it had been or what condition it had been in. That meant that every time you went camping, you always had to depend on other people and their tents.

I always felt really bad for calling people and saying, “Hey, can I sleep in your tent this weekend?” Well, don’t be like me. Instead, you can store your tent well and have a usable tent for, when you go for camping. Follow these 8 tips to know How to Store a Tent.

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1 How to Store a Tent | Clean the Tent and Tent Storage

Imagine untangling your tent and smelling the damp, musty smell of your last aging campsite during the summer. If it was me, I would just sleep outside. Anyway, that might be a good option. Regardless, as a tent owner, your first task will always be to clean the tent.

This advice is overlooked all the time. People often come home and are too tired, neglecting their mountainside mansion in favor of “Netflix ‘n’ sleep the rest of the day.”

Instead, plan some time to clean the tent. I will talk about this in more detail below, but let me say this. In high-intensity professions like the military, enforcement, firefighting, and medical professions, if the equipment isn’t taken care of, people can die.

Now, it might not always be that bad when you decide to take your scout troop out for bugs and marshmallows, but taking care of your gear is a habit that you’ll have to start somewhere. Start with the tent.

2 How to Store a Tent | Tent Storage during a Cool and Dry Place

When storing something, you must ensure that it is not tampered with while in storage. Except for the lively bandits, you’ll probably only have to worry about mold, insects, and mice.

These creatures may want to be a safe place, with food, water, and heat. They are not picky, so if you meet some of the criteria, your tent could become home to a host of pests.

Cleaning of Tent

To avoid these frets, be sure to clean your tent, but also store it in a cool, dry place. The cold discourages mold growth, and insects and mice don’t like it very much either.

Keeping it dry also helps prevent the spread of mold and mildew. Therefore, store your tent in a nice, cool, and dry place. Don’t worry about the vermin; just worry about storage.

3 Tent Storage | How to Store a Tent Loosely

Although most tents come with some type of storage bag, it may not be the best option for Tent Storage. Many tents come in compression bags. This is great for hiking or packing. It is so good at keeping your shelter in good condition.

Avoid compressing the tent during long-term storage. The tent is formed of materials and that they got to breathe and relax. Like you, tents must not be compressed or stretched out for too long.

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Use of Pillowcase

An old pillowcase will work perfectly for this. Just make sure the carp isn’t squashed down to the size of a gum. You can fill the pillowcase with the tent or roll or fold the tent and then put it into the pillowcase. Either way, it works. From there, you can place the pillowcase almost anywhere.

4 How to Store a Tent | Partially Build the Tent

Imagine being very nervous all the time. Eventually, you would break and explode something (please don’t do that). So are the poles of your tent. Tent poles are generally made of metal, plastic, or wooden cylinders that are internally linked with an elastic cord.

When disassembled, the bungee cord stretches. Leaving it like this can cause the cable to break, leaving the poles useless. Leave the poles slightly assembled to reduce stress on them.

Tent Storage
Tent Storage

5 How to Store a Tent | Dry Your Tent Well

This tip is similar to the “clean your tent” tip, however, it is slightly different. Whenever you return home after camping, it is generally a good idea to pitch your tent again (if it is a sunny day) and let the tent air out a bit.

If necessary, use a towel to dry the parts that just won’t air out. Don’t put your tent in the dryer. Tents are normally antagonistic with washers and dryers.

6 Tent Storage | Use Silica Gel Packets

Do you know those packages that always come in bags of jerky and say “DO NOT EAT”? You can put them inside your tent when you store it as a desiccant for the tent. These will dry out the tent and absorb moisture. They are cheap and as I said you can easily find them (just make sure you wash them well).


With these small packets, be very careful to keep them away from children, animals, or other things that may inadvertently eat them. They are not edible. They will hurt you. I cannot stress this point enough. Please even be very considerate of nature once you go camping.

You will probably forget that these packages are in your tent and will probably drop them on the ground when you set up camp. Just make sure you pick them up and clear the area.

7 How to Store a Tent | Store Poles and Fabric Separately

Poles and stakes can damage fabric relatively easily. You must make sure that your tent only has the openings it was designed for, store the poles and stakes in a separate location. Many people get scared doing this because they don’t want to lose any of the poles, stakes, or even the tent. Well, with the following advice, that will not happen.

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8 Organize Your Tent Storage Space

We had many projects and, honestly, it was a madhouse. We couldn’t keep anything organized (not even our thoughts) until we took the time to organize the space. Doing that made us much more efficient at building the windows and getting the job done.

The same is true for storing your camping equipment. You need to create a space and divide it into sections for your camping equipment. If you need to make labels, make them tasteful and easy on the eye so you can look at them. Then follow the system.

In my house, we have some closets outside that work very well for that purpose. Store your tent within the same place such as the stakes and poles, just confirm they do not rub-down one another.

Tent Storage
Tent Storage

Tent Storage Solutions

Solutions for camping equipment the toughest part about storing camping gear is that the incontrovertible fact that an outsized quantity is often somewhat uncomfortable.

The equipment is generally made to be easy to use, but with things like Dutch ovens (very heavy), paddles and paddleboards (very long), or axes and axes (sharp), you have to be very intentional when storing them

Fortunately, there are many options. If you don’t have space in your own home, find space in a Neighbor’s home. Hanging things up works great, but if you prefer the plastic container approach, places like Home Depot and Lowes can be very welcoming.

Even 3M with its hooks that you can clip to almost any wall makes it a great way to store your camping gear. The best advice I came across while researching how to store camping gear was to customize the storage space.

This means that it will make it a sanctuary for your adventures in the wilds. Make the storage space comfortable and nostalgic. It will give you a good feeling every time you enter and that will help you have more adventures.


You are now equipped with the knowledge to take your adventures to the next level. You know the way How to Store a Tent and clean a tent. All you’ve got to try to now are continue tremendous adventures.

What you learn here can only be applied after using a tent; otherwise, it leaves it in storage. Make excuses to go on a search. Find a replacement trail, climb a replacement mountain, or cross a replacement barrier.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to store your tent properly and clean it beforehand. You’ll be glad that you did.

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