Best Tents for Large Families | Top 10 Best Travel Tents

Best Tents for Large Families: When we go camping we love to try to get the whole family in one tent if possible. Ultimately, that should not be too hard when you consider that there are only five of us and plenty of tent manufacturers make five and six-person best tents for large families, right?

Wrong, when they say it is a six-person tent they suggest six people sleeping right up next to each other with essentially no extra room for gear. My rule of thumb is to urge a tent that is double the dimensions of what it says you would like.

So with five people in our family, we are trying to find a minimum of a ten-man tent. Additionally, we sleep on cots, which grow to be taking extra room, so we look for the best tents for large families camping tents that do not price a fortune.

The following best tents for large families are first-rate options for large families or ones who simply like having an additional room within the tent.

When considering a tent for your family camping trip, there are some simple yet important criteria that are often overlooked, leading to a sub-par shelter and thus a sub-par camping experience.

The large-sized best tents for large families are there that are full of family-orientated features that vastly improve the standard of your camp. Being through a large group without certain accessories or features that we will check out today, can convince be an annoyance after a couple of days.

I am not even now talking about the quick pitch frames, excessive hydrostatic rating rain-fly, meshed windows, awnings, etc. That is certainly present among many on our list today. But today, we focus on size.

Are the more expensive tents worth it?

Most of the time, you don’t need to buy an expensive tent. As long as you choose something with a decent level of quality, something in the mid-price range is sufficient for the vast majority of campers. The only exception to this could include tents for those who camp a lot or are frequent backpackers.

What’s included in this article?

The best tents for large families we will review here throughout this article showcase all the advantages of employing a modern, extra-large sized tent that has been designed specifically to form family camping easier.

With the proper layout and achieved features, the footprint, and area of the tent offer such a lot fo extra space.

All the models on our list will have a minimum of a 150 square feet footprint, which can give space for the generic 5-person family, much storage, and room for the odd camping chair, gear, or table.

However, most will offer for way extra than that, achieving up to 16 person models with a couple of rooms and service features.

Why I prefer using a large tent?

I will always choose an extra-large tent model, usually 10 people + over a smaller tent for a multiplicity of reasons. My personal favorite is that the use of dividers, preferably removable ones, this enables me to manually customize the inside subject to the scenario.

If I am with a small group I will corner off one area for storage, or if its summer holidays and that we have the entire gang, I will use them to divide up kids/adult sleeping regions.

Alas, that is just my two cents, we will provide all other notable family features including a buyer’s and travel guide at the rock bottom of the page, to assist you to discover which tent matches your own family’s needs.

Best Tents for Large Families | Top 10 Best Travel Tents

1. Coleman Weathermaster with Screen

Not the tallest model of the tent around however one of the best tents for large families around. The Weathermaster model from Coleman offers a very easy setup, around 20 minutes tops, with some desirable features perfect for family camping.

Coleman Weathermaster with Screen


With a cabin-like design, this suggests the inside space that features a larger feel than a dome or low-profile elegance travel tents. 10-person capacity with waterproofed material within the sort of a Polyester Taffeta with a PU coating, providing sufficient protection for family camping trips.

They boast abundant space for three queen size air beds, however, I might recommend using only two by using the opposite space for the storage of gears or a table. This is able to provide a way easier camping experience overall.

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Additionally, there are free room dividers that help to filter space and make privacy for those moments when you are changing or finishing from the camping shower.

Key Features:

  • Easy Setup
  • Best Seller
  • Welded Floors

2. Ozark Trail 20 Person Cabin Best Tents for Large Families

We have excavated the merchandise info for this somewhat peculiarly indefinite 20-person family tent from Ozark Trail. The details are not easily found and aren’t evident on its product page, but we’ve discovered them for ourselves, so here they’re.

A ginormous tent for needless to say, with a 20-person capacity, stretched over 4 rooms during a cabin tent design. The large tent area equals as much as over 283 sq. ft. in total and does accompany free room dividers to assist divide up this enormous space.

Ozark Trail 20 Person Cabin Tent


It’s indeed packed filled with useful features, an ePort is present on the sidewall, making it possible to connect a cord when necessary and a media pocket is integrated internally.

For storing, two gear hammocks are sewn into the sidewalls, providing abundant space to place your electronics and tech stuff off of the tent floor. 8 windows are added round the tent in good positions and therefore the ceiling has meshed fabric to permit hot air to upsurge and out.

Now we’ll state, Ozark Trail isn’t known for his or her waterproofing quality. Commonly speaking, they are better known for producing the best tents for large families at budget prices, however, waterproofing and longevity are usually not their specialties.

This is often up for debate with many of us claiming their Ozark tent has lasted years, so I assume it’s right down to care.

However, even the corporation has stated within the past to not use a number of their tents in heavy rainfall or the winter months. With all this in mind, we might use this as a first-time, budget the best tents for large families.

Key Features:

  • Huge Floor Space and Capacity
  • Very Well Priced for its Size
  • Multiple Storage Features

3. 12-Person NTK Super Arizona GT Best Tents for Large Families

A high-quality choice from NTK who have industrialized reliable outdoor products since 1975.

Some of the large 10+ person models usually suffer from a lack of build and material quality, due to the companies trying to stay competitive in the market, price-wise. But NTK tends to specialize in maintaining a top-quality build, which in fact will end at a better price, but you’ll enjoy some quality features.

12-Person NTK Super Arizona GT


For example, the 2500mm water column is clear thanks to the polyester fabric being treated with a polyurethane laminate. Not only this, but it’s a double layer to further protect from water penetration.

This is often far that of the $150-$250, best camping tents for large families you’ll find elsewhere.

The framework comprises of nano-flex fiberglass, which has shock-cord assimilation, increasing steadiness. Additional reinforcement within the sort of gold-plated ferrules and an aluminum ring/pin system which makes pitching very smooth.

Some child-friendly features include the meshed inner tent, which prevents mosquitoes from entering and therefore the CPAI-84 fire protection certificate. A luggage bag is included which is made from robust materials and anti-fungus material goods, which are included in the inner tent.

An abundance of protective features is included in-during this 12-person family tent from NTK and is ideal as an investment tent, perhaps after your first has run its course.

Key Features:

  • CPAI-84 Fire Certified
  • Lightweight Fiberglass
  • 2500mm Water Rating

4. Teton Sports Sierra Canvas Tent

With an easy 2 pole assembly, the Sierra Canvas tent offers a special camping experience from the norm. With a splendid tent design and an enormous tent floor, you’ll have a more homely and comfy feel inside, far away from the Polyester cabin tents.

Fully fire retardant and compatible with a camping stove internally, just take care and skim abreast of correct protocol when doing this first.

Teton Sports Sierra Canvas Tent


Although we might debate the 12-16-person range, given the 1 room structure, the standard and protection of canvas tents aren’t debatable. A long-established four-season tent with jagged canvas material that is weather treated to resist moisture and wet.

The seams are reinforced in problem areas where the rain usually sets in, which adds longevity to its use. An honest thing given the worth of canvas tents, should be averaging an extended life to offer you an honest return on your investment.

Customization is feasible, you’ll remove the tent floor creating a cover, allowing air to circulate beneath and make a pleasant breeze. At 66lbs it’s probably the heaviest tent within the list, however, for sure one among the strongest.

Key Features:

  • 4 Season Tent
  • Robust Canvas Material
  • High Waterproof Standard


Quite heavy at 66lbs.

5. Tahoe Gear 16 Person Tent

The largest tent from Tahoe Gear is that this sleek 16-person tent with a generous head height of up to 7 feet, which is well above the typical for similar-sized best tents for big families.

The pin and ring system permits for an easy setup but it is by no means of a pop-up or instant tent, it will take a couple of minutes to assemble in your initial time but it is by no means of a persistent chore.

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Tahoe Gear 16 Person Tent


The shock-corded poles have outstanding strength and firmness, while the rain-fly features a good water rating of 1200mm. The fly additionally has taped seams and therefore the tent floor is formed of polyethylene, which has waterproof properties as standard, preventing moisture from rising up through from the bottom.

A cool feature on this tent is a fly cover that will be extended out over the front entrance, providing a pleasant extra shaded space for a camping table or dog bed. Guy ropes are included to secure on the edges.

The tent is well ventilated with interlaced fabric in the key locations, like windows and ceiling, while floor vents are joined on the floors’ sidewalls.

Key Features:

  • Fly Canopy Extension
  • 7 ft Center Height
  • Shock-Cord Poles

6. 14-Person Fortunershop Family Cabin Tent

One of the foremost important and best tents for large families on our list today, the 14-person cabin from Fortunershop may be a fantastic price range choice of the best tents for large families.

14-Person Fortunershop Family Cabin Tent


Perhaps not the simplest quality tent out there, but definitely an honest choice for first-time campers, or those in need of an extra-large family tent for an enormous family trip. But I’ll not expect this to carry up so well in heavy weather conditions or for years on end.

An ample floor space of 20 x 20 feet, which is break up into different sections. This is often thanks to the three sewn-in room dividers, which separates out each area conveniently.

As you’ll see from the design layout, it’s a reasonably cool layout with four-cornered rooms, creating privacy in each sleeping area.

If you don’t fill all the rooms, there are numerous customization methods which will be done here. Two sleeping areas, one changing room, and one store-room for instance, or may-be a camping table to make an inner area when the rain is upon you.

Significant air circulation is present thanks to the 12 windows surrounding the structure and 4 large doors that are located on the ends of every corner. We might warn those who are thinking of using this within the winter or raining seasons, this is, by all means, a 2-3 season tent at the best.

Key Features:

  • Massive 12 Window Ventilation
  • Enormous Floor Size
  • Numerous Customisation Variants

7. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Box

A premium family tent here from Kodiak Canvas made up of cotton duck canvas in its entirety. This offers superior protection and climate resistance in comparison with the other large polyester tents.

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Box


The four large windows incorporated into the robust canvas walls and funnel flow vents provide an epic combo in air ventilation, keeping the inside cool during the hot weather. An all-season tent can survive the cold weather even as well as the hot.

Entry and exit are simplistic with a large head height providing great clearance and internal space, additionally to the double D-shaped doors that are situated on the front and rear of the tent.

All in all, a well-protected and sturdy family tent, seamless for hunting trips or family camping excursions, it’ll definitely outlast the worth tag given the standard, however, we do not recommend it for a first-time buyer.

Key Features:

  • Impenetrable Duck Cotton Canvas
  • Certified 4 Season Family Tent
  • Awning Attachment for Extra Shade/Shelter


Duck Canvas Tents are Pricey

8. Wenzel Klondike Tent for 8 Person

Our next 8-person family tent emanates from Wenzel with its bestselling Klondike model. A seriously well priced and budget family tent that has accomplished insanely well on the market within the last year or 2.

Wenzel Klondike Tent for 8 Person


Fetching over 1467 assessments from fellow campers and 74% of these were within the four-star and five-star categories. They stand by their products astonishingly well with a ten-year warranty offered on the Klondike.

Realistically lightweight also at 26lbs thanks to the fiberglass poles, it also includes a screened room accessory on the front section and has six-window altogether, so long as ample circulation for best tents for families.

A few neat camping features are the storage pockets located internally, a virtuous place to store your phones off the bottom of the floor. Moreover, the tent floor is capacious enough to suit two queen air beds, and floor ventilation flaps are situated at the height and the bottom of the wall.

Key Features:

  • Economic Price
  • Lightweight 26 lbs
  • 10 Year Warranty

9. Americ Empire 3 Room Tent

This multi-room tents from Americ Empire are the best tents for large families existing on the market nowadays. With three huge rooms with spacious layout, it provides quite enough room for the entire family, plus storage and more.

Above-average head height is at 7ft that helps to make a more spacious feel inside and is moreover beneficial when using camping lanterns or fans internally.


Another surprising feature of tent is that the simplicity of its pitch, with a seriously easy assembly you will be found out and done within a quarter-hour, which isn’t bad for a family, tent boasting 14-person capacity.

Weighing in at 31lbs it remains lightweight with a waterproof rating of 2000mm which may be a suitable amount, enough to stay you dry during rainfall.

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The weight is owing to the fiberglass poles, which is, of course, a bit weaker than customary steel poles. Pitch accordingly and elude heavy winds whenever probable.

Inside you will find a 2-way zipper curtain that acts because of the divider, creating the multiple rooms. The windows also are curtained, which means you will make some privacy when needed, or open up and let the daylight shine in it.

Key Features:

  • 2000mm Water Rating
  • 3 Large Rooms
  • Curtained Windows and Dividers

10. Northwest Enterprises Large Family Cabin Tent

We really like this large cabin styled family tent with a log cabin feel and aesthetic. The brown color theme runs through the entire tent with varying shades, producing a comfortable feel. When lit up within the evening, it really creates a shocking scene, perfect for family barbecues and dining.

Dimension wise, this is a large tent, with a massive 7.2 ft height and conventional cabin style walls, this makes an immense interior space very comparable to a brick and mortar home.

Northwest Enterprises Large Family Cabin Tent


Cabin walls, as against Dome walls, provides a more spacious feel when inside, however they are doing incline to soak-up wind much easier, so pitch accordingly with adequate natural blocks.

Some Great Features

Some great features for family camping are the screened porch area, where you may store your extra gears, put a dog tent or bed, or simply an area to pitch a camping chair and chill out within the shade. This also features a detachable floor so it is easily cleaned and maintained.

Additionally, there’s a divider that helps to separate the massive internal space into proper compartments.

Usually, they need an area for sleeping and therefore the other for gears and storage. In a different way is to use it to provide a bit more privacy for two sleeping areas if you’re camping with friends and not close by family.

Key Features:

  • Huge Head Height
  • Spacious Interior Rooms
  • Unique Design Aesthetic

Buyers Guide | How to Choose the Best Tents for Large Families?

Choosing the proper family tent is not any walk in the park, but it now is a million times easier by first considering what features are most vital and useful for you. With this in mind, it is much easier to form a choice, then finally an acquisition.

Let’s run through all the features we like to see, not necessarily all within an equivalent tent, this is able to be overkill, and the best tents for large families are designed for various scenarios. It is up to you to prioritize the foremost important, let’s jump in.


Generally, detachable ones are best tents for burning man, elongated portions of stiff substantial that section off parts of the tent from one and other. Allowing simple customization of the massive interior, creating space for storing, separate sleeping areas (kids/adults) or space for food prep tables/stove, etc.


If you are camping in autumn and winter months, an enormous interior can store cold and heat in the summer, so a heater goes an extended path to provide a comfy environment for the family.

Dark Room

Now this is often for the opposed situation of the fact above, for those scorching summer days and therefore the camping fan isn’t quite cutting it, darkroom technology can save the day.

Absorbing the warmth and cooling the tent in the afternoons, then using that very same energy to supply heat when the sun goes down.

Screened Room

Whether it is a screened porch area or attachment side panel, a screened room is great for relaxing in, area for a dog bed, or just as extra storage and keeping the luggage and camping gear completely far away from the sleeping areas.

Meshed Windows

This is pretty general and is luckily discovered in 90% of clad tents that looks like a house, however, a meshed window will not only provide protection from mosquitoes but will useful resource in air circulation within the tent.

AC Port

Now I do know we take a camping trip to flee the town life, but at some point, you will need an AC port, you would possibly wish to relax in the evening with an old movie or catch the football, an AC port is vital for this.


Usually found rather than a screened room, very rarely are they designed together, a cover or awning attachment can provide an outsized additional shaded area. Great for fixing a camping table and chairs and getting the cards out.

2/3 Rooms

There are huge solitary room tents available on the market, however, it depends on the extent of your family, you will get to separate the space available a bit better and use a two or three-room tent.

This may leave storage rooms and multiple sleeping areas, best for when you are camping in large groups and you will need some privacy.

All other features are pretty generic and can be included in the most tents, things like waterproofing, tent stakes, carry bags, rain fly’s, etc. should all be included and can be found in our best tents for large families above on the list.

Comparison of the Top 10 Best Tents for Large Families

S.No Tent Name Size (No of Persons) Dimension Height
1 Coleman Weathermaster 10 17 x 09 6.8 feet
2 Ozark Trail 20 Person Cabin Tent 20 25 x 21 6.11 feet
3 NTK Super Arizona GT 11-12 20.6 x 10.2 6.9 feet
4 Teton Sports Sierra Canvas Tent 12-16 20 x 20 8.4 feet (door opening 4.5 feet)
5 Tahoe Gear 16 Person Tent 16 15 x 16 7 feet
6 Fortunershop Family Cabin Tent 14 20 x 20 6.6 feet
7 Kodiak Canvas Flex-Box 7-8 10 x 14 + Awning 6.6 feet
8 Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent 8 11 x 16 + Screen Room 9 x 6 6.5 feet
9 Americ Empire 3 Room Tent 12-14 21 x 10 7 feet
10 Northwest Enterprises Large Family Cabin Tent 10 20 x 10 7.2 feet


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